Wednesday, 25 August 2010

A perfect day

Perfectly spent (birthday) day: Rise and shine, check. Pee. Check. Put on some clothes so I don't frighten the neighbors. Checked-to-be. Take the dog down to poo. Take the camera along to the mail office, because the pale morning light in that east-west street is so pretty these days. Buy a wheatty bun for a Poli and margarine sandwich. Eat it. Finish the retouching on the ten to-be-framed pickies and take them down to the frame shop. (Dog along). Looking cool. Get some photographs done. Ask if they print on paper and have the teacher's poster made. NOT spend the money on cloth, because the dog needs to go to puppy school, but whatever is left, take the gang to Evropa for pies. Beg for the apple cake recipe/examine it and spy sneak steal it :P Shopping with the ancestors. Call Luka. Movies with the General, a TON of popcorn! :D Evening walk with a camera (and everybody else, too, obviously.) and McDonald's ice-cream Daim. Full moon. (On the sky, not me after I've eaten all this...) An hour or so of Warcraft, then another two of having my hair caressed and shoulders tickled, then sleepy time. Good dreams. 

That was the plan :) It went almost exactly to it, except that they didn't get the photos right , didn't catch the parents and I didn't have Daim :D Do have a tummy ache from all the beyond-yummy-food, though  :D

Mum asked if the General bought me any flowers and jewelry for birthday. Aw, mum, don't you know me by now? He bought me WAY better: a touch-pen tablet and Gamecard!!

Birthday resolutions:
- not be so easily sucked into negative emotion all the time
- work more and work even more than that.. Then some more. AND FINISH!
- find something for Pat to want to import
- by the end of the year, try to produce ANOTHER 50 items, such as graphic designs and stuff
- have another exhibition, maybe?
- try to get the third book out! (the Tree Timeline..)
- Mark?

Simple enough agenda :))