Saturday, 9 April 2011

Admittedly, I was nervous as fuck yesterday, trying to organize the shoot and for all intents and purposes, it went as hectically as it went well. With a bit of cruising and towing around the city, we finally met at a pub by the castle and dragged all our gear to the orchard on my family estate. Three dogs satellited us almost non-stop and there's barely a photo without at least some part of some dog in it :D (On a related subject, there's a cool fat beagle/beast in I am No. Four and I almost cried when I thought he died :p)
        Four girls - Drey, Ana the pianist, Anja the girlfriend of General's hunting budy's step-son (LoL) and Irina, the Russian violinist, wore the Berni knitwork outfits as lovely as can be. Another, Mojca the neighbor joined us on an impro and proved to also be a very picturesque understudy. We were so ridiculously tired by the end of the day, Drey and I went to have dinner out and nearly dragged ourselves back, tranquilized. Though I had to then edit a bucketful of shots and hope for the best. Contractors are a certain kind of trial.