Sunday, 3 April 2011

Sleepy, and am doodling around with the photoshop... I have to wake the General up at midnight, but I don't think I'll manage that long. Can't even tell anymore if the pictures are in focus or not :P 
        Been a great day, actually. A good walk this morning and another lovely one in the afternoon with the intrepid trinity: I stripped down to my undershirt and splashed around in the river in my sandals, dunking the dog :)) (No, not really, animal cruelty advocates!)  Cannot get enough of the sun and the gentle breeze on my skin. I feel like I'm shedding. 
        We haven't had any real food for two days, because I made a dipping we tasted at a friend's place once, made of sour cream, mouldy cheese, chilly peppers, young onions and red pepper powder (plus a bit of other stuff, though I skipped the avocado) and we went though two bags of nachos like a train.
        The tattooing's been postponed for a week, though I am all set and thrilled about it and I did most of the portrait project I have to submit tomorrow. I'm also doodling around with photoshop and some of the old pickies, because I cannot play Angry Birds anymore, because I'll bite through the keyboard any minute now. I wrote a haiku to support Japan in this trying hour and I am writing a crime short story, though I haven't gotten past the crime so far. A serial killer in Celje? Really?