Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Game of Thrones

Though not as mesmerizing "on the first ball" as The Walking Dead was - which, after 20 minutes had you transfixed and never let you go again - I must admit that 'Winter is coming' (Episode 1) hooked and then slowly and surely tied and now I wake up, trying to learn little by little just what the hell is wrong with all these people in Martin's saga of Ice and Fire. Someone told me about these books a while ago, though I can't really remember what they were saying or why or who, but General did buy me Game of Thrones in translation once and I only read it now, in the hospital, because it was physically the largest tome I could find, in case I have to stay in. A little disappointed that there wasn't any action, just endless political backstabbing and ancient grudges and manipulations and the like, with only a pinch of supernatural, but by the second episode, I am quite impressed at how NOT black-and-white these story lines are... Just remember, kids, when all makes sense and you are certain you know who hates whom for what, think Petyr Baelish. If they didn't choose such an obviously slimy actor to play him, I'd have to call him the finger of God.

Okay, so to begin with the most obvious character, Dany, at first I couldn't really see her as anything more than a tiny silky white cock-wipe (especially cast versus Jasos Momoa, which couldn't be any smaller if he was lying down... and I have to learn why Tamzin Merchant wasn't cast as the tiny Stormborn, though this little thing seems perfect for the role). Her brother is ridiculously unlikable and it's only a matter of time before some of her husband's strength rubs off on her and she taker the reins... Literally, in this case. I love the ... last one of MANY 'love' scenes by the end of Episode 2, in which Dany shows Drogo something he hasn't really seen before. Flesh is just flesh but the soul is still a soul...

Then come the characters of the strong women in this series. Yes, lady Catelyn is super cool as the loyal and very strong but kind and full of emotion and so on and so forth, she is the perfect good queen. On the other hand, Cersei (amazing name, by the way) is cold, manipulative, evil, bitchy, twisted and dangerous... or is she? The more I learn, the more I find her to be a little bit pathetic. Not as pathetic as her husband, but a little bit still. Also, there is Arya, who will probably have a very interesting stories to string, right up until the point where she goes blind. And I wouldn't mind knowing more about Irogenia.

Other cool people that will probably prove to be excellent men, just before they are backstabbed and killed: Tyrion the Dwarf, Jon Snow (The one with the pale wolf.) (...cause of the wolf, probably, and also probably cause bastards make for much more interesting forces than shiny knights (which are never really shiny, are they?))...plus several others I haven't had the chance to notice yet. And of course there will be a pleasure to watch a few (*akhem*Joffrey*akham*) squirm as they burn.

Oh, and I really like this line from one of the promo articles:

"If I didn't know any better, I'd say that Daenerys really likes pineapples..."


Anonymous said...

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