Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Sometimes it's hard not to give up on contractors. I'd just 'unfriend' them and say 'fuck'em', but luckily I have by now set up a system by which I always ask the General what to do and he is a natural born diplomat. (Also I listen and do what he suggests. Which is amazing, considering myself.) When people say 'fine, we don't like your work or your style or whatever, we are going for someone else', okay. It's only normal and the sooner we part ways, the less time and resources we all waste on one another. However. Sometimes, it's a nut house. It's a good thing this isn't some medieval court and is only art commissions, otherwise heads would roll a lot less proverbially. There's a company I am working for now and my only bridge to them is an unstable woman with as much ability to mediate as I have to ride a moped. Whatever she tells me, she seems to tell her own boss the exact opposite. When the time has come to ¸put things down on the table, we are all looking at one another confused. Each thinks of the other as ridiculous amateurs, trying to rip the other off...
          Thank the Gods for good books and even better coffee to get us through it all   :D