Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Movies update

Well, okay, not movies. Shows :P
        Couple of new shows popped up with the April rain and whereas some were rather cute (Chaos, due mostly to the minute lead we all loved as Gio in Ugly Betty), others were kind of almost-there-but-sorry-if-our-standards-were-raised-by-your-predecessor, (such as Camelot and The Borgians. The amazing thing is that The Borgians lacks sex and blood and is mostly just very dull Jeremy Irons talking clerical politics, and the *Camelot* has more full frontal fucking and mindless bloodshed - and it's about a young Arthur!... It's like watching Xena after the director had a very bad day.) and some are downright outstanding. We were all wondering what the re-make of The Killing will be like, and just as it happens, it is brilliant. The weather, the pace, the camera, the actors, the performances are all there, just as they should be. It's like finally someone knows what they're doing. Michelle Forbes got some extra praise on TV.com and I second that notion, as her role consists mainly of a woman that is waiting in her kitchen (literally) and yet she makes you very, VERY glad it's her and not you who's doing it. She even cleans the kitchen and then she waits and gets good news and tries to relax and then bad news and she tenses up and as we almost know this will end very badly, she makes for one hell of a character to watch, for absolutely zero plot reason. Also, the odd young thing that is the chief detective on the case, played by Mireille Enos, is a scene stealer and I think the whole things has Callum Keith Rennie, I just can't prove it yet :P  General asked me why I watch this sort of human tragedy and I replied quite adamantly: because I wanna be there when they nail the bastard. 

    On a related note, downside even, I completely skipped Mildred Pierce because despite Kate's full blooded efforts I find it boring and pointless (if it's just to show she's a good actress, we kind of already know that.); couldn't care less about another CSI or CBI or FYI or whatever starring Cris O'Donnel, honestly, and haven't yet had the chance to download the latest SNL with Elton John, though I hear it's surprisingly lovely. 
      Two other things we are all waiting for - you can never tell if with all this drumroll, the show pilot will mesmerize you (Like it happened with the Living Dead) or simply leave you feeling small and uninspired, like maybe Body of Proof..) are The Game of Thrones (must say it's very clever they went for TV instead of another movie trilogy) and the new True Blood. Will it rule or will it suck? :P