Friday, 29 April 2011

The trial Nordkapp itinerary

Spent the morning walking around the town, in the rain, checking out the bookstores and the market and talking to my bucketling while he's working the endless hours... Last night I calculated the itinerary for the Nordkapp trip to see just how much money we would need and realized I'm still awesome at cutting corners with costs on budget trips. In the old days I could probably get to it for a 100 bucks :))

There are several alternatives that we can explore, several routes and stop-points without much stretching the basic cost grid. It also mostly depends on on-site mood, as I have no idea what people would feel like after a week of driving around fjords in gloomy weather. Personally I favor the route on this pic and estimate a day's drive to Copenhagen directly, two or three days spent around Oslo (resting, sightseeing...) and then the 2000 km route due north, stopping at camps, camping out-doors, beating the wind and mosquitoes and taking 500 photos per day :)) Then, once in the Lapland, I'd say it's worth exploring a little further. Then the drive back, whichever route we take, I estimate about 4 or five days. I vote for the one across Russia, as then we would get to stop for extra a few days in St. Peterburg and check out Armitage. The gas in Russia is half the price as here. And though there are visas, there are no road fees. And I wouldn't mind checking out the Latvian sisterhood. Unless of course it rains :D

I am thinking that for seven people and one small, noisy dog, this kind of a three-week trip to one of the prettiest places on the planet is super cheap. Taking the food with us, sleeping out-doors, finding out own Kodak moments, not really wasting much on souvenirs and ice-coffee... I estimate about 500 euro + vanity costs per person or around 3 grand for three groups. If we fail to find the groups, then gosh darn :) But I'll continue to plot and plan until the day we stay home :))