Saturday, 31 March 2012

Couple stories, couple pickies... :)

I still have a bitch of a cold (or is it pollen allergy all of a sudden??) and combined with my hardcore diet, it really leaves me feeling ridiculously weak. My nose looks like radish from all the blowing and my tunny aches from all the phlegm I've fed myself... blewch!! So I'm mostly just photographing stuff and drinking warm drinkie thingies ..

This is a sad dog love story: retriever flirts with a beagle; rottweiler resents that kind of behaviour and the retriever is left thinking, life makes no point without love ... :(

Next is the muffin story :D Self-explanatory :))

Then there is Barky falling asleep in my mum's lap story, also needing no explanation... :))

And a couple of more pickies. Little froggies, mum planting lettuce and tulips. Pretty, soft little things.