Saturday, 11 August 2012

Oh, Theo, Theo...

I've gotten to the point in my research of the meaning of Prometheus, where Jesus, the bearded hippie character from a Christian bestseller, was supposed to be one of the aliens and that's why - seeing the nice naive little preacher get so awfully killed, Engineers get nuts angry and try to wipe us all out those 2000 years ago. (When their plan backfired.)

That kind of kills most of my buzz, as I fucking hate people explaining everything with 'he could do that just because he could, because that's the kind of dude he was'  though I notice it only happens with Jesus. If they said anyone else - Socrates, Krishna (he was kind of alien, to be honest), Joan of Arc, I would have been fine. Which is kind of prejudice of me. 

Two things don't make sense on that particular junction. Why do folks confuse the Jesus guy with the maker? Oddly, politically, I have no problem believing in him. I'm fairly certain that in those nasty Roman times, when things were really getting out of hand, there really was a nice man who tried to convince people to stop being such fucking assholes, but the whole magic hoo haa, that's off. To be quite honest, I only believe in him because of how he was portrayed in Xena. (Also, why so many people saw him off to his own crucifixion instead of revolting and helping him will never make sense. "Carry his cross for him" ?! Are you friggin' kidding him?! There's a poor man, beaten, broken, being whipped off to an execution and this is how you help him?! Seriously. Mobs.) And why would aliens care about this one guy? Do you have any idea how many people Romans nailed to crosses? How many people ANYONE killed? It's what we do. As a race, we write one good book to be quoted into space to promote us, while fifty thousand women, children and unarmed civilians are butchered over whims. 

So this is the second thing that doesn't make sense. When Evon wakes up, he is instantly pissed off. He kills the rats that woke him, gets right back into the seat and carries right on, continuing his mission from 2000 years ago: annihilate Earth. Wouldn't it be wise to check in with headquarters before? Just in case? That makes him kind of look like those World War soldiers that have been hiding in the woods or on island for 60 years, attacking tourists.