Thursday, 30 August 2012

Oddly enough, since my self-gift of closing my company due to not making money, I had to re-apply my google schedule to all my computers. My days have filled up like nuts. I have eight appointments tomorrow, one of which may actually pay. That's not a bad ratio! In a perfect world, I should be rich by the end of August. But back on Planet Earth, well.. I would say 'fuck it', only I've promised the General I will stop using foul language when not called for. 

The Audition starts tomorrow. We will see how many people actually show up and what we can do with them to create an interesting (or at least profitable) little platform for making it easier on the models starting out... It could be really great. Or it could be just another one in the long line of pointless efforts.

I boiled up again today, for having my service insulted (financially). It really fucking pisses me off when people think what I do is not worth a dime. I got that from a relative earlier - saying not only photographs aren't really needed (at weddings, no less!), they are grossly overpriced. He told me it doesn't take very long to edit them. Today a potential customer said they can get everything done for one eight of asking price from another photographer. I checked out his portfolio. He is a well known photie in this town and his work is like that of a retarded blind man taking pictures with his phone... I downloaded some of his most 'liked' work from FB, but I do not have the decency to post it. Of course he got the job and I didn't. 

I have to breach out of this fucked up town mentality, where people wouldn't know a professional photograph if someone face-raped them with it. We'll see how tomorrow goes. After all, the reason why I am still stuck at the bottom of the barrel is nobody's fault but my own.