Thursday, 23 August 2012

Yet another post about why I'm slacking on my posts :D

Tonight it’s technically  my birthday, although officially doctor pronounced – in a good way – me few minutes past midnight…  I am much more a leo than I am a virgo. Nothing earthly and baring fruit about me at all. Ego, though, that’s another matter :D

I am starting to know how Z feels. She wrote that by the time she is allowed to post her work, it’s been so long she’s already bored with it. I am not bored with my work, not at all, but there is so much of it that by the time I find time to write about it, I have better things to do. Last weekend I took a ton of shots because the General’s family had their gathering and Nea left with a party – and plenty make-up sessions… This weekend it’s my birthday party, with all the preparations, prezzies and post-festum shopping. In between, there are the two day jobs, editing the Gorgonaut and preparing for the September audition…  And all the coffee dates, obviously.

It’s stupid hot these days. Like, really stupid fucking hot. Moist, humid, damp, stuffy, dense stupid fucking hot. And this from a summer creature. This heat is interfearing with my mojo.  I am not the type to pause sex when it’s rolling downhill, but lately our sex sounds like this: yes! … yes! … Yes!... Harder!... Give it to me harder! … Ah! Ah!! …
… Wait.
                Need a glass of water. Gimme a minute.
                Okay, now let’s go.
… Oh, yes… Gods, yes … Fuck! Yes! Yes! …
Stop. I’m going to overheat. Pause. One moment, please.
                Okay, I’m okay now.  Back again.
…. Yeah! Give it to me! … I love you! Harder! … Yes!
                No. Enough. It’s okay. Enough for now.

                Get the picture?
                It’s hot.
                Not so much before, or perhaps because I wasn’t having sex like this, I didn’t really feel like I am nearing damage when getting this warm. I can feel my heart and stomach overwhelmed. Last night I took my push-bike to a carwash (six years of pigeon droppings), and was so nervous, as I don’t really know how to ride a bike and mostly just kind of push off the pavement with a foot and let the gravity do the rest… I was so nervous I was sweating through every pore on me. Normally I don’t do that. Certainly, when working out. But sitting on a bike while it gently slides? It was the sort of sweating that’s coming out of your ears, neck, legs and eyelids.
                Hot, get it?

                We walk the doggies, starting the day at 5:30. It’s still nice and breezy then, though humid. It makes the skin crawl like I had a fever. By eight, we sit and chat and have the wonderful morning coffee, which we no longer have to order. We’re like a clock – the service brings it to us as soon as we sit down :D Dogs bask off the river and we start the day. I get cut-offs in the bakery, of the parts of pastry they remove and toss, as it had burnt. But I like that. I like the little bit of bitter in my pastry. It’s the same with pancakes, if I eat them naked – General calls them ‘charcoal style’.
                Later I work, editing this or that, planning and plotting, preparing systems and reading up on new stuff that might help… I re-watch cool movies that I’ve seen enough times to be able to ignore visually. Occasionally, for kicks, I wash the dishes.

                Afternoons mostly I nap and then work again. General often either works until the evening or sleeps and has to work at night. If he works afternoons, towards the end of his shift I grab the mutt and we go meet him halfway and then we have some ice-cream and normally pass out. If not, he watches TV and I edit some more photos and he forces me to go to sleep around one. We mostly eat stuff from the bakery, because it is too hot to cook and definitely too hot to eat.  
                It’s not difficult to write about these kinds of towns. I’m re-reading bits of Bryson’s Short history, HHhH and magazines with pretty pictures :) Supposedly in the fall my name will be mentioned in Playboy and H.O.M.E., but I’ll stress that part when we get to it. There are plenty projects in limbo, none of which will shoo my debts, but we are not sinking deeper yet. I think in about three month’s time, max four, my life will be financially cool again. No real reason why, but I want to kick this Audition thing into gear and then ride it, hard. And I would love to see two more of my books shelved. Books are the one thing that love to be shelved :))
                It's noon. I'm sleepy. Catch ya laters, bitches.