Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Two shoots today. There's a holiday tomorrow, so I may actually get a little more than five hours of sleep. Not sure which holiday. Not that I'm complaining; the weekend was lovely. General is working nights again, so every morning between five and six his kid, Drej, optional puppy and Barky and I set out for our two-hour walks. I can't even remember what went on two days ago, I am too sleepy :))

The first shoot was at a pretty, renovated villa on the edge of town, cold but just the right amount of urban posh to make me drool. There's a possibility we may get this location for one of our big shoots in September. Maybe. It would be sweet :) The lady who was portrayed is a painter, so that added a cool edge.

The second shoot was Anja and Laura. Anja is a very small, very fair model whereas Laura is a taller, darker beauty. I like attempting to match these kinds. :)