Tuesday, 11 June 2013


I love it when people say "ooh, aah, the world is melting, global warming is killing all the glaciers! we are all going to die!"....

Just a thought, morons?

But there's something new I learnt today and fell instantly in awe of it :D The term "Glacial snout". Bring it :))))
This really is a very pretty glacier. I've decided. I like them!

On a related subject:
I take back everything bad I said about the casting of Ramsay Snow. I said that I hate it when pretty boys are given complicated roles. Well, there really is nothing as scary as a very pretty boy, once his hair has been oiled anda good actor is allowed to do what they want to the extremes with as little as their facial expressions.

Good job, kiddo. Makes Ramsay appear as a fundamentally sick puppy.

On a realted related subject. Finished working on the Icy Bear icecream thingie.