Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Ye Gods, there's, like 98 degrees in the shade. It's not that it feels like we're constantly complaining about the weather, but this year has been UNCOMFORTABLE !... We skipped spring in its entirety, going from parkas and long stockings to fucking melting pot! Ain't the high liquid silver that's so bothersome, either, it's the switch changes. I love heat. I love summer. Love walking around, feeling my marrow ooze. But it feels like we stepped out from foggy Aprile London to molten June Dubai and my brain, my heart, my stomach hardly handle it. I'm like one of those weird puritan people - showering before sex, showering after sex, sometimes showering during, showering when I get up, showering when I go to bed, showering before meal, showering after meal (which consist mainly of ice coffee...) And I really dislike showering. The pets are all feigning roadkill. Everybody is being naked in their apartments. Peeping Toms have all died of heart attacks.