Friday, 28 June 2013

Ramses in a repair shop

General finally got his surgery yesterday. I was too tired to write about it en route home. Man, the day was long. We had to hop the train at 4 to get to the capital on time. Then for a little while I was allowed to linger, but quickly departed, anxious to see things progress, leaving him to his PJs and nurses and fishnet underwear (no idea why they make them wear that. It was the first thing he changed out of.) I offed to have coffee and read and then saw an old friend. By noon, I was getting pretty restless. A telemarketing woman called about a newspaper subscription - an unknown number while you are waiting for your husband to come out of surgery - nearly gave me a fucking heart attack. Eventually I just couldn't wait it any more and just hopped a bus and drove to the clinic.Visiting hours were from 3PM on, but at 1, I asked a young trainee how it went and he just (after asking if General was the large tattooed guy) took me to the room. He told me to say, in case anyone bothers me about it, that I simply didn't know and the guy whom I asked, told me he didn't know either. But after that, nobody asked me to leave for the next 7 hours, so...)
          Pooooor G-G. I really came very early. He was JUST coming out of unconsciousness. The colour of pale green wall, eyes glazed and voice rough, as they seemed to scrape the throat tubing him, he was soooo tender. He kept dozing off and asking for a tea in turns. I just spent the next few hours reading and holding his hand Then, towards the end, he got a lot better. Then I spent the hours pulling the bandages from his wrist to pull his hair out and make him angry and threatening to bring him stuffed animals and balloon should he look at the nurses too keenly. (Unfortunately all his nurses are super nice, just quite old.) It is not customary to bring anything to the patients room around here, but it would have been adorably embarrassing just as well.
           Then I dragged myself home - fuck me but it was a long ride back and I near passed out twice from exhaustion - and had to sleep in an empty bed :( Not liked. Now I'm getting ready for the re-run. At least the weather has gotten very cold. It would have been pretty awful if it was last week.