Sunday, 9 June 2013

LoL, I love it how my brain isn't working. Overdrive shutdown. I try to form sentences and fail. I try to tell an anecdote and I remember nothing of the details. I don't remember things that I am the expert of. This is like stress senility. It's actually really cute. (Because I'm thirty five. It won't be so cute anymore if I'm seventy. But I now know exactly how you exhaust your brain into giving up on you.) Friends and family who are kind of taking care of me lately are easily amused by it and when we are laughing, it's well meant. I tried to tell my dad about the movie No, which I am planning on seeing in the theater later and a could remember nothing about it. Not the name of the actor and of course I know that actor very well. Not about which country it's about. I couldn't remember the name of the dictator, and he was fucking famous. We talked about Nelson Mandela and I thought that was a race car driver. My sister was asking me to name my favourite flower and I had to describe it. I get confused about the breeds of our dogs. Forget about knowing what day it is or what hour. I even enter the room and realise I have a new kitten. Like, there's actually a kitten in my room. This surprises me several times a day.

Because of this, I am slowly starting to feel better. Oddest recovery process I've ever heard of. I think. Can't be too sure, really. :p