Saturday, 15 June 2013

Museum night part 1

Oddly picturesque day today. Oddly hot, too. Like - headache hot. Eating a bucket of popcorn did not help.
            Early in the morning, I set off to shoot a lovely lady 8 months pregnant. That was a joy. Their estate is adorable, so we had a lot of relaxed fun. They fed me watermelon and ice-cream, which was mighty fine ending to a cool shoot.
            The town was alive as ever. On my way to say hi to Drej - who was on the library yard jewelry and crafts fair (luckily I left my money at home. I would not have been able to resist otherwise. Like an old addict, I am such a sucker for my drug of choice, which is unique decor.), I passed a painting colony set in the middle of town, a karaoke in one of the centre cafes and a flea marked in the upper end of the main street.
             Maja and I went to the movies, very early on. Always such a welcomed retreat :D We even discovered a new chocolate. I'd show a photograph of it, but General murdered it in mid air as soon as I mentioned it's in the fridge.
             In the evening, the museum night started. Museum night means all museums are opened free of charge until midnight. I went to an opening, which was outdoors. A young poet-like man, accompanied by an accordion player, recited war poetry. For a while. I suspect he wanted to see if he can make the audience commit group suicide, but luckily, we endured. The exhibition was about war hostages of this town, being shot and whatnot. their letters were on display, alongside the photographs of their executed corpses. That was pretty fucking depressing. I beelined through it fast, greeting some of the familiar faces. In the memoriam book, I thanked the historians for putting the glass between such a reality and keen spectators. I said some memories don't deserve to be laid to rest.
             My intention was to retreat into the underbelly of the city, to enjoy the old roman ruins now restored, but there were too many people there. I will photograph that place some other time. It really is very cool.
             I collected all the gratis memorabilia and there were vintage cars driving around, inviting passangers for a joyride.

505 "with a line" were super yummy candy that I still recall :D