Friday, 9 October 2015

Had five dates today, or at least am waiting on the fifth as I type this ... Wrote some erotic poetry after one, humped my husband and I've been thinking about replacing most scenes in Goose that the General has with Gennonsuke, the lover. The General has three scenes or two and a mirage-scene, but it's said that when she is with him, she doesn't have the need/time to write. So the less he appears, the more potent his overall presence. I thought the easiest scene to replace would be the second one, the one in Kyoto ... But it isn't so easy. In that scene the devil, more or less, threatens Kay with hurting the General's wit. And this only makes sense if we're talking about the General, not Gennonsuke, whom Kay likes, but would not die for. Also, later the General asks what is Heaven and this wouldn't make sense for Gennonsuke to ask, because he's a Death God and he'd know whereas The General is an atheist and wouldn't... 

So .... not as easy. I wrote that bitch well; it's holding on like a tick.