Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Normalest...est day ever

My lymph nodes are acting up, supposedly distracting me from my toothache (by now four of my teeth are aching and G demands I go see a dentist, but I am really soooooo against them I am considering weathering out the pain until the teeth just rot away and fall out. I haven't seen a dentist in eleven years. I so hated it the last time.), so today is the most normal day I've spent in ... well, a decade, I should think.
I had to wait for the General's train last night, which was about half an hour late, so it's likely I got a cold there. Beforehand I walked to the outskirts to get a piece of pizza for him, once he returned from school.
Got up and showered, then felt an awful urge to clean something. It was raining outside, so I didn't walk the dog. I washed the clothes and hung them to dry, then sorted all of the washing I've been putting off since summer. Then I washed all the dishes and made lunch. Those who know me know these are three things I don't do. I certainly never ever cook. I wanted to wake up the General (he works night again)  to tell him lunch is possibly edible (I really lack practice), but we had sex instead and he went back to sleep. I wanted to write, but was too distracted. (Working on the Prometheus poem still). Then I mostly read Into Thin Air and watched 'Say 'I love you'' anime, until it got late and I felt like drawing my own manga self. 

Really, it was like the most normal day I've ever had. It was really weird. Did not like it..