Friday, 16 October 2015

Požar Cankarjeva Celje (On fire)

Nearly had a mini heart attack when I started hearing shingles fly around and smelled smoke. I know by now how it sounds when something is awfully on fire. It was about one in the morning. I did what any rational human would do: grabbed my camera and the phone and ran out to see where the danger is. Sent out texts with a photo of a burning building to the General, a fellow photie, my sis and Drej that I probably won't come to the doggy walk in the morning, as I'll be up all night. About half an hour later a really weird thing happened: one of my eyes fell completely out of focus and I got awfully dizzy. I think it was the numerous blinking blue lights. I had to slap myself and have a glass of water to calm down. Then I returned and circled the place until most of it was over. Was gonna publish a bulk of pics, but fellow photie told me to stop fucking around and offer to sell them to the archive and newspapers. Mostly so as to stop diminishing professionals. He's right. I do diminish professionals, because I disdain most of them. But him I like. So I did what he said.

The closer I was getting, the more a firefighter was losing control of his hose and at some point nigh washed me away. 

People leaving with their possessions in garbage bags ...