Monday, 5 October 2015

Okay! Okay. So, I think four days of staring in front of myself during most social interactions and spending some very restless moments on the toilet (why do best ideas always come just as I pull down my unmentionables and of course right then I have nothing to write them on?) This was a lot of acting weird from a normal person's perspective. But it felt good to use my brain. I have a good brain. Once you get the wheels turning, the endgine excercises some admirable might.
          I helped myself by pulling all four Kay-Murphy scenes into a new file and just combed through them time and again, just for structure. First I needed to make it all into one event, and the flirty-threatening attitude had to go. it was great, it was fun to read, but it had to go. Instead I weaved the thing into a long, slow, friendly but sad conversation, a lot like the one she had with Nuada, but not quite like it. There are some nice twists there that I don't want to give away just yet and in the end, I think the result is even better. I may have to watch so that the cadence doesn't become bothersome, like a jo-jo, but instead a smooth delivery to the last part of the first chapter: Marowit's execution. 
           So, a day or two more and we're done with the first third. Great job, brain!