Friday, 25 December 2015

An oddly lovely X-mas diners have passed - first on the proper date, because General's parents are religious, and second, day later, by my family, who is mostly in it for the food, but also because from time to time it turns out nice. And I always love it when one half of the family gets books for prezzies and the other side is giving them the 'my god, what awful gifts, I feel so sorry for them'... looks and this side is: omg, best gift ever! :D
      I know I shouldn't argue with children, because they are supposed to be all fucking retarded, but I had a dialogue with one of the teen sons of my bro's: (Upon seeing a large biography of out country's first president) "Why would anybody want to read a book that size?"
"You should read, biographies," said I, "Some people had very interesting lives."
"Isn't it better YOU have an interesting life?"
"That's a terrible excuse not to read."

They get my blood up, people who shit on books, same as people who shit on Star wars. :))))))) I know, I know, I shouldn't argue with kids, they're *supposed* to be fucking idiots.