Friday, 4 December 2015

It's ... Well, it's nine in the morning and I've slept like the dead, crashing at yet another Maja in my life, which for the purposes of this entry we shall call LjubljanaMaja or SurferMaja, but which the General will forever call after a dry pastry that she was infamous at making. She's the hospitable type and one can tell, because her place is ... Well... Hospitality, and drapes, were probably the reason I slept so well. I seem to be able to sleep a lot better away from home as I do in my own bed, because I'm too edgy over dad. Dad had to see doctors three times yesterday, which is the cosmic opposite of going to coffee with friends three times or seeing three Renaissance paintings... It is so depressing, exhausting and strainous, it makes you want to cry. The waiting, the light, the half-baked, well meaning but soooo narrowminded doctors. I cannot but place my faith in them, because I was raised to respect authority, but every time i suggest anything, it gets dismissed and I believe it is me who is wrong. No, this was the second time I was right and at eleven in the evening, the third time he had to go in, they finally found that, yes, the catheter IS clotting up with oils and filth his body is excreting via liquids. I said that's the most viable option, considering he is much better now and he produces water just fine, and the catheter is just fine, so it must be a mechanical failure. And urine can get fairly greasy, especially after you've been sick.

An hour long breakfast later, during which I've chatted with her roommate about journalism and customers that pissed me off ... I need new woes, I find ... I am going to set out now, into the foggy, smoggy morning of the Capital. I was in a rotten mood yestereve, brought nigh to tears in class when I kept my silence for two hours and after I spoke, someone tutted behind me, muttering, oh, fuck, here she's going to start again... Usually I can ignore it or it even amuses me, but yesterday I was too tired and stressed and the fucking vendor machine ate my last coin, so I was unable to get sugar and caffeine, which I sorely needed. Really, sorely. Not in a spoilt, vain, pleasurable way, but like the hardcore drugs that they were. I opted for not buying a texbook I was supposed to buy and got myself a can of coke and wholewheat cookies with chocolate instead. That saved me. I was back on track. Even though the lecturer picked on the media earlier and I did not fight him on that front. You do not fuck with the media with me. I will defend it till I am unconscious on a bloody tile.

After class I met with LjubljanaMaja and we made a round though the old city, which was dressed in dense fog and garnished with blazing diamonds of Christmas street illumination. They really put a lot of lights up. There are also lots of stands, some of which are adorable, but many of which are just booze and expensive gift program that I can't really relate to. Six bucks hamburgers. Okay. We veered back, I got a hotdog on the all-night train-station vendor and got home, where we talked to about ten or eleven and I passed out. I slept A LOT. Dad sounded okay in the morning. The General left four messages and two missed calls, worried where I might be since the last time I checked in when I went to pee ar six, the adorable mutt. Then he went to sleep and I hate it when he sleeps, because he keeps his phone on and I can't send him photos or texts, knowing it'll wake him every time. I am literally jealous of sleep when it comes to him. If I was at home, I would wake him up after five hours and say: sleep has had you enough, I want you for myself now. That is usually followed by half an hour of crankyness, but mostly I don't care.. Darn the sleep :)

Off to have some dates now, with some big city friends, then it's back to the lectures. Last time we have sociology. About time. I'm getting bored. Eco-crime and ecology crimefighting doesn't sound like a too sexy a class, but I may be wrong.. All in all, regardless of how naive and fast-forward the lecturers at times, I am learning a lot. I mean, I wanna know more. Tell me more. Tell me everything.