Tuesday, 1 December 2015

The other day the lecturer argued with me about the free will. I am a great advocate of free will, but he thought I was being naive. I responded that as a white woman, I think there is no limit to what I might achieve if i set to it. I am aware that women of color have is less easy and particularly 3rd world countries females. But he asked what if i wanted to move somewhere and I wouldn't get a job for three months?

I stopped the argument there. I did not have the heart to tell him that a) I've not had a job in a decade, nor have I particularly wanted one. I may choose to find one now, because I feel like shopping.
And b) I live an existence that transcends boundaries, jobs, cultures and obstacles - I am a creative. moreover, I am a portraitist. Wherever I go, I will find a job. It may not be a job of a brain surgeon or a college professor or a pharmaceutical company PR, because that is not what I think I would ever enjoy. I enjoy photographing people, drawing people, interviewing people... and occasional castle or a camera or a rescue dog. (Which reminds me...) It is not likely I will ever get rich on this, because that has never been my reward for the portrait. If I wanted to be rich, I imagine I'd go into stockbroking or something. As an artist, I don't think there's a city, empire, tribe or orbital station that wouldn't have me. It is scary, especially for a capitalist society, I know, to think that I actually like to work for food. Food's awesome. 

:D A pick of treats from Sanela's BD coffee, where my gift was photographing it and her treat was an apple cake slice and it was perfect.