Saturday, 12 December 2015

By some freak odd, I sat down to doodle with the text and suddenly the entirety (with a small hiccup when G interrupted me to log into WoW) became impossibly clear and simple - regarding the flow of narrative. Everything fell completely into place. I've been working on this novel for two years  and I haven't been able to set the midriff chapter. I feel more than ever that I should wait just a little bit longer with it, just to be able to make a massive, epic almost, but above all IMMERSIVE verse, captivating and inspiring. I am not there just yet. But I've skipped ten steps in ten minutes. One might call that a 'whoa, fuck?!' moment. If the day wasn't nice already :)

... waiting to see what Kylo Ren will do. Twice in my life have the star wars completely shifted my existence. We'll see what happens in a week's time.I've been avoiding trailers and spots and interviews, though there are some good portraits on an adjacent sites :)