Sunday, 15 April 2018

I went to the capital for a few days, tho I wanted to be back for G's birthday on Saturday ... Kept mostly to myself, making rounds chasing Pokies, but the time went by like a flash and overall it was wonderful. First day it rained, so it was just my phone, me and an umbrella, and it was supposed to be lovely the morning after, so I set out to see the Plečnik church in Black village... Alas, it still drizzled - not that I mind - but the road there was abhorrent. I hate the thought of some sleepy driver knocking me off the road with their mirror and my corpse wouldn't even be noticed for days in some rotting ditch. I tried my luck with very old local bus cards and one of them clicked green, so I rode the bus back to the city (and had an urge to buy hand sanitiser right after). Am getting too sensitive about other people's oily hands in my old age. I spend too much time in nature, where at least dirty things are just nature's way of cleaning up last party's make-up.
          Having napped, I set out again to try and turn another level, about two hours of exploring random mildly-known parts of the city, before the battery runs out. Some Insta pickies I took with the camera, some with the phone. Once the sun came out - Friday afternoon - the whole city felt charged, colours were astounding and the mood became festive. Most streets featured some outdoor activity and food fairs were abundant, siren call of BBQs and ramen in the warm wind. A coffee invitation led to an invite on a literary event, which proved rather neat. It took me almost an hour to get to the other part of town, causing me to achieve 40.100 steps for the day - a new record - but I should some day  return to those streets, because once, a long time ago, that must have been a shanty village, the tiny farmhouses of which have now all been turned into restaurants, with skyscrapers built in between. I'll report on the event in another post: it was reading of letters by famous women with noise music in the background, good stuff.
          Saturday I got up at dawn again, asking if two of my lunch dates were in the mood for morning coffee, but both declined hours later (hehe), and I set to explore the park, check out the exhibitions there (huge panels often show some vast collection of photos, though seldom any good. Just ... expensive. That city sure has a fuckload of money to waste on itself. This one was another bore - completely random photos of flowers, promoting the Arboretum, something school children might have done free of charge, not a professional photographer.) and the lovely paths around the museum palaces. Went 'home', took a small nap, packed and relocated to McDonald's to have ice-cream and coffee - the only coin spent other than stamps for letters to the General - two out of three I lost in the rain, fuck, and had to draw mock versions; hope he doesn't notice (they contained Pokemon) :D - and a pleasant train ride back.
          Because of the new environment and a foreign bed, I sleep very poorly, with extreme and vivid nightmares I thoroughly enjoy - the parasympathetic nerve system is so active I have to get up three or four times to pee per night. But they are focused, dense storeams, coherent and unusually calm, often featuring the General and I in some abstract, surreal happenstance (like we're both locked in a hotel room in some zombie Apocalypse, rapidly ageing, showering one another as our bodies become extremely old; or each of us battling some robber or some assailant to the best of our abilities, each in our own room our of sight but not sound, and once I overpower mine and joke: now you can stab him, the General stabs and kills him, ('Ah, I didn't think you will actually do it..') saying, referring to the other room: I didn't like what I saw when I killed the other one ...
         Freaky shit. But well edited.
         Anyway, that's mostly it. Once home, we had lunch out to celebrate G's BD, some easy chillin' after and today we went to have lunch at his parents' place and G helped with the bees while I painted his first bee hive with a mock-vintage illustration depicting a beekeeper having a hive stolen from him by a large brown bear :)

All the Ljubljana pickies on Insta! (CBA posting them here again :P )