Sunday, 29 April 2018

Avengers WHAT THE FUCK?!

Let us recap this lovely adventure movie, family friendly (no blood, only blue), full of heroes doing amazing battles. Well, let us recap the torture, execution and pointless deaths toll.

Opening scene: The entirety of the Ragnarok survivors - executed, some while dying, stabbed, ‘Spartan’ style. Every one, women, kids, all.
Loki graphically strangled until his neck snaps.
Heimdall stabbed in the chest while wounded on the ground.
Star Lord asked by Gamora to kill her and at some point while she tells him it’s okay, he pulls the trigger in her face.
Gamora is later pulled over the edge of a cliff by her ‘father’ and falls to her death on rocks.
Nebula is horrendously tortured, screaming, for several minutes of graphic scene.
300 space dwarfs are left to freeze to death on a forge station.
The entirety of a planet’s population is killed by firing squad and executioners with spears while a small child is taken into slavery.
Vision asks his girlfriend to kill him by ripping out part of his head and after she finally agrees, the scene also takes several minutes.
The scene is pointless, as the time is turned and Vision’s head is pulled apart by the villain anyway.
Both Mantis and Drax are cut into little pieces in a scene, though it proves later to be reversible.
The entirety of Knowhere is killed, the main character there burnt alive inside an incubator.
In the end, after the battle, the following main characters are turned into ashes and dispersed without warning:
Black Panther
Scarlet Witch
Maria Hill
Nick Fury
the worst of which is Spiderman, clinging onto Iron Man, begging: No, Mr. Stark, please, I don’t want to go, I don’t want to go, please, Mr. Stark … 

No idea what fucking sense that death was supposed to make, knowing there are plenty more Spiderman movies to come.... But still depressing as fuck. 

You'd end up feeling better watching The Pianist or Thin Red Line or something. It was the most violently aggresive parade of torture and death I've seen in a very long time.