Thursday, 19 April 2018

Tried to mow the lawn uphill at the vineyard today, nearly killed me. MAN that thin, short, dense as a MF grass is hard to cut through. The mower kept stopping as the blades tangled into it, it was hot, sunny... and the terrain is at times too hard for me to manhandle the machine up and down. Nothing is level, nothing. Some stupid tiny fly hit me in the eye and released a load of burning matter, which still feels like my eye is hot and swollen, even though it's back to normal now. By 2 in the afternoon I was so overcooked I started feeling cold and wanted to cry - I remember all too well the last time that happened. I needed to lie down and didn't wake up again until 5. Then I felt empowered again and mowed some more. I asked G to come meet me halfway on the descend back to town - which was beautiful, just as the sun was setting orange and all the trees are bright green still. He's cranky because the car's not back from the shop yet, but everything is easier when he's around. In fact work is easiest when he does it, I just talk to keep the morale up :P (Starting again tomorrow morn.)