Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Had to rest in a bath tub full of cold water to cool down today - it was nine in the morning and already my core temp was so nauseating, I was starting to shake and weep. I snapped at the counter girl at the library, because I had to sign the new privacy agreement - same as everyone else - but I hate signing things and if they were stealing my info before, they'll just keep stealing it on. The General filled the tub, then sprayed me with a cool shower until I stopped trembling. It's not even that hot outside, just so incredibly fucking humid. Am on a strict diet of ice coffee and ice-cream and some ice to boot. Most of sleeping takes place during the day, noon and early afternoon hours, and sex looks like we're ninety: slow, careful, with a minimum amount of touching. Our usual crazed fucking would probably give us both heart attacks within minutes. Everyone in the house showers, like, five times a day, just to feel fresh.

In other news, my hair has gone from the 'army dike with leukemia' phase into the 'toothbrush struck by lightning' phase. I look awesome! :D

This is either normal or an alien invasion :D
Storms every afternoon. From time to time I gotsta run across the lot to re-park the car to hide it from hail.