Saturday, 23 June 2018

Movie music concert uphill

 Ema invited me to come up to the castle to watch them dance to the opening of a summer fest ('twas midsommer! ugh! <3 <3 <3) themed movie music. It was awesome, actually. For one, it was freezing AF, because temp dropped from 30 to 10 Celsius and everyone was wrapped in blankies and hoodies. Second, I arrived five hours before the show and took loads of pickies of the set-up, which is always my favourite part. Someone even thought i was a real photie and they gave me a press pass - I wonder if that means I can now go into all of the shows? I couldn't afford them otherwise, and they are hella photogenic! Should definitely check..

I've taken like a million (actually over a thousand) pics, so I'll post a lot more, these are just the promos: I'll post the castle, the rehearsal, the dancers, the lightsabers, the orchestra, the scene, the rope-hanger and more and more... just wait and see :P

thanks again for the invite, darlings. I am always too shy to probe into these things myself, but I always love them so when I'm actually there, invisible behind the camera. I think the best part is that I am not there professionally and nobody expects anything. I think I work a lot better that way. Guess I'll never be pro.