Monday, 4 June 2018

Off FB for a spell, banned, diminished to trolling on twitter like an amateur ...

Whether it was because I called our momentarily elected prime minister's party a Local Nazi Partia, or asked some dumb woman who took photos of Masai, praising their beauty, if these be the same Masai who fuck little girls, circumcise women and parade in shitty costumes in front of tourists for money? These could be just some of the possible reasons for my ban. I couldn't sleep last night, upset with the elections results, so i trolled plenty. I will probably be in more trouble down the road. But dad's proud of me for my mini manifesto :D After all, all of the things I've said were true. 

(Whoa, a 25% win in votes for the Local Nazi Partia? Now someone tell me people don't get the leaders we deserve. Who needs a ministry of culture(1), when you can purchase fake tanks(2) for a lame army(3) to rust in empty military yards(4)? Who needs a stable economy, if you can have corruption(5)? Who needs science if you can have the church(6)? Who needs human rights if you can treat asylum seekers as if they're less than people(7)? Who needs legalised abortion, prostitution, drugs and gay rights, if you can have barbed wire round and round the place(8)? Who needs fear human stupidity if you can fear your own government(9)? Who needs freedom of speech, if you can have 1984? Really, dudes, job well done.)

1 - They actually did this once, not too long ago, completely abolished the ministry of culture as redundant. 
2 - The guy who won with his party is known for fake purchasing a tremendous amount of amphibian tanks which came completely faulty and inoperable, yet he still got away with all of the purchase commission, which was absurdly substantial.
3 - No tank or gear at all the ministry of defence purchases, ever gets used in anything and slowly rusts away in depots until another fake purchase buys more of them for no reason
4 - The army is severely insufficient - not only lacking in numbers, because nobody wants to work there and people already working there have been employed so long they are all officers now - but we also don't meet even the basic international standards and perform sub par on evaluations
5 - Our politicians are not only notoriously corrupt, but it's public knowledge and they actively brag about it on air
6 - The elected party leader is known for trying to implement Christianity in schools and to merge the state and the church into one fine union, most of his followers being subject to long sermons by priests who claim liberal views will end the world and the hope for youth is to bring back the dark ages
7 - The election billboards for this party all warned from immigrants and the like - like trump and Putin and Jong-il sat down and sketched the themes
8 - To ward off the migrants of the past years, they pulled a barbed wire alongside some of the border - not that it did any good at all and it was never cleaned up - it just sits there now, killing animals
9 - The elected guy is famous for prosecuting everyone who speaks against him. i think while my dad was still a journalist, he got sued something like nine times until finally they shut his newspaper down.

I didn't go vote because I hate these people, but I genuinely didn't think world is this crazy. These lunatics have been jumping onto the throne for the past 30 years, every time doing something terrible, getting removed, even going to prison for a while if they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar, then they got out and sued the government - and even after all this time, a 25% demos goes and votes them into power. I am starting to lean heavily into Socrat's theory that gen pop is to fucking dumb to make decisions. It's actually scary.