Tuesday, 5 June 2018

"Tales from Persimmon" - ??

I've made for a midway brothel planet that features plenty in the novel, but it occurred to me to compile individual short stories that would stick to rules - one rule or fact to open for a story, like "... for three hours every eighteen days light reflected off larger of two moons passing, illuminating it into a dim, dull alternative to daylight: by Persimmon rules this was the beginning of a three-day maintenance period, during which most establishments were closed to service, their auxiliary units serving as hotels and spas rather than playhouses. Most of girls either took leaves of absence, retired for rest or helped with the cleaning and renovation, depending on their rota. Few secluded themselves to prayer, most visited the people they wanted to see off books. The men were all removed from floors and temples, but could help with janitorial chores if they so chose."

Thing is, true science fiction is dark, and bad. I don't mean poorly written or easily conveyed, I mean proper SF is one rung removed from anxiety horror and it gotsta leave you despondent and scared, as space is and as future should be. I can write messed up shit. I can close with heart-wrenching twists. All the glitter of characters filthy and moist. Instead of a seemingly nice place Persimmon  being rotten and infested with vile ambition, terrible truths burried under the floorboards. 

Am not sure I want to. Alien is only my second favourite SciFi - my favourite is Firefly. I want sex to be fun and space to be challenging. Not like tombs. Like mysterious new stripper that just started working, just when a hushed wind brought in the smell of money, gunpowder and blood. 

So do I make it decopunk or dieselpunk, is all I'm asking.