Thursday, 18 March 2010

Lila Prap

Lil(jan)a Prap(rotnik)'s super style

Bit in a hurry (though it at least got me out of the house again after nightfall) I drove over to pick the brain of the hardnut illustrator. Hardest to be precise, as she's one of the few, if not singular to be exported greatly and also has a fiercely unique and recognizable style. She's basically a genious of small children illustrators and to meet her (despite the fact I've known her all my life, I've just never actually spoken to her) was bound to happen. Her mate's not boring either. How I've missed interesting intelligent people in my company... Being in a magnificent relationship tends to overcompensate and you stop going out. Or perhaps if i'd had gone out more often, it wouldn't be quite so cool anymore.. haha and I've noticed how much I still consider myself to be a kid! When she offered me whiskey, I felt quite shocked actually. Me? Drinking booze?? LoL, I'm well over thirty. I know, right? My USound doctor was surpriced too :p

But oh yes, we are growing old. The first time I went to have my body scanned, I only had one small flaw (on my spleen, a sort of birthmark. It's enlarged as it is, because I had a bit of anemia in my teenagehood and it had to work double shifts :) and the third time I went I had two and now, 5 years later (and I haven't gone for 3 years) I had 5. Minute, insignificant thingies, but thingies none the less. My poor old body. Considering all it has to put up with :p

I keep wanting to go back to editing "Heart is a hungry vampire". The urge will soon pass, which is a shame, because the ideas I'm getting aren't half bad. There's the scene, for example, in which it's actually shown hot Sepp calls Cole to ask him to meet him and discuss what's wrong with the school and him. Knowing Gorgo asked Cole to help her investigate, Cole brings answers (at some point even considering Sepp and the Red King were in fact one and the same person, if not from two different stories then of two consecutive lives..) and Sepp's amnesia is explained (this time in a bit more plausinble scenario: in the attempt to create better soldiers, Academy offered the General and other elites to scrub their brains and rid of all useless details and memories which could be better used for combat information.. Not sure whether the memory of Gorgo qualifies for a useless detail, Sepp agreed and was tricked, or, possibly aware of the risk, underwent the therapy anyway, certain that even if he forgets her entirely, she'll find him again and being the sort of the person he is and the person she is, their story would be none less dramatic)... Ahh, my sweet sweet sociopatic general.. If only I could decide on making Cole blatantly aroused by the presence or keepng it still a PG13 fable...