Friday, 12 March 2010

have I posted any praise of our guild at all? I haven't?? Well! It's not that now that the fuss is over and the opportunity to stack neatly all the junk that failed to fit in other banks has subsided, I am actually not making anything of it, but for two days I was recruiting like crazy. All candidates had to tell me what's theirn favorite book and I expecially like newbies. There's just something about people who are completely innocent. It's like going on a first date at 17. Okay, maybe 14. When there's no expectations what so ever. Just a shy thrill. :D

(Piček's DK in the front and yours truly as a hunter in the back. I love those boots.)

The next big thrill/step was abandoning inscriptions - because except for sentimental value, it served almost no person anymore - and skilling mining. I KNOW it's the least original profession ever, but it will certainly make me pay my dept off a lot sooner. Eventually I will probably become a jewelcrafter also. I am SUCH a rip-off :p

What else?
               The book is almost completely finished (on my part). They will start scanning and retouching it next week and the first contact copies will already go to the capital to fish for offers.. If all else fails, I'll just have more debt. Once you get used to the idea of owing mney all over town, it's quite inviting.
                Remind me to have book-markers printed while I'm at it... 

(the quickly slapped together 'what it's suppose to look like' sample, not the finished deal)

On a related note, the world is snowy again, my family is acting up again (always a nightmare) and my skin is starting to show the nervousness of me. If I just worried for all the stuff that could go wrong in the world, I'd be okay... the almost-pleasant worries about the book however, are taking their toll. I know that to an innocent by-stander my routine must seem weird, but I am getting really good at pacing myself. I even know the sort of shows to choose to watch - the more brutal the better - for my brain to seek the exact opposite and reflect optimism and happyiness in the work.. LoL.