Sunday, 28 March 2010

Siddharta Saga

Other than having heard Rihanna's new album, which was by far the worst thing I've heard in a while, Siddharta has a new magic out. (That was a life-saver, I was about to throw in the towel and give up on popular music.) Its not as psychadelic and kick-ass as it was when they were younger, but it's still easily my favorite Slovenian band.
             On top of it, they have their art done by some Ninja ASSN kid, Blaž Porenta, and that's just ridiculously good. I haven't seen art that well suited - and executed - since, dunno.. Ever, really. I've forgotten how excellent painting can be.(but then again I've gotten myself dragged into poetry, so it only goes to show you never can tell..)
I had my headphones on and would try to humm some of the new stuff a little, but I realized Piček's holding his phone towards me, recording it. Because we've been bickering too much lately, I didn't throw anything at him in return. 
            I was ready to drive off and get a dog. I even found one that suited all my chriteria - it was small, short haired, ugly, young, chipped and for free. I would have called him Asterix or Arthas or something, but it seems that The General would have walked out if I did that,whereas he continues to be upset by the fact that I said I was lonely. As compromise, and if we are to believe Star Wars (they say it's a good thing and in such posh wording, it makes you think.) that's okay, we took Tara and went around with some weekend errands. Of course The General with such a lean, young Rottweiler on a short leash is something entirely different that if he was forced to walk a dog like Arthas, but he is meticulously against dogs indoors. Funny how everyone is so fucking clever suddenly and throwing a zillion rational reasons against it at me and I'm the ONLY one without a pet! Only pets I get to connect to is the ones they ask me to euthanize! Perish the thought I'd get the chance to claim a live one!
               Anyhoo... Off to vent on ICC. It's SO helpfull to have something difficult to kill when you're in a just the right mood.