Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Stuff's been up, but I am working on the book so hardcore, I can't bring myself to spend an hour updating this little thing all fine and neat as it's supposed to be done. So it's ust some load thrown in, because I cannot keep it all in and everyone else I could bug to talk to me about it is offline :p

Oscarcs came and went. It was an awfully boring run, with all the magnificent dresses and hair-cuts and jewelry and speeches so politically correct i can remember maybe two at the most. (Both lead actors, actually.) I'm unhappy my honey Avatar didn't come through, but perhaps Academy decided Cameron has enough Oscars and being the most grossing film to date, is praise on it's own. Am happy Hurt Locker won at the same time, and that the first female director got the award as well. White men really are ridiculously posessive, aren't they?


Just because I've seen so much during the award ceremony and Mags told me so much about it, even though it's not the sort of stuff I'm supposed to see (haha, shows about serial killers are okay, but genuine human suffering is a no no if you're supposed to be a children's author. Already my  third story is too gory for adults, but 11-year olds love it. :), I've downloaded Precious and am looking for the book Push even further. That is SUCH a ridiculously scary film... The performances are like being stabbed. I still cannot comprehend some people exist in such states of mental viciousness. I mean, powerty I can understand. I've seen villages poor beyond all reason in Nepal, but still for all their shortcomings, folk there seemed kind of cool. They smiled a lot, were curious, weren't extending their palms to beg, the children were playful and households were open and inviting. I can understand that being sorrounded by the cheapest possible version of a consumer's world is reality-distorting and imposes a certain lack of ... everything on people, but to be so impossibly  stupid and mean? The social workers never have it easy and yet in a place like that? I am wondering if anyone can truly stay as positive as the author or her fictional alternative Blue Rain. So smart and so tired and yet so willing to push... (The actress they chose is amazingly beautiful and it still took me an imdb to find out where I've seen her before. No make-up makes another person. And there is no WAY that's really Mariah Carrey LOL) No wonder the performer Mo'Nique got the award - she feels like an unmovable force of nature, a human equivalent of the Haiti tragedy. She is like a black hole of humanity. Funny how the story leads the reader/watcher to the point when you know Precious will soon die, but between her mother and her son she will live long enough to sever the darkness of the human condition and perhaps make the gene line less doomed. 

I am halfway through. I'm not responsible for tears, if this was paper.Hello.