Friday, 26 March 2010

Today I tried to make myself lunch - one of my favorites, plums dumplings - and having lacked one ingredient to finalize it, it was the worst thing I have ever eaten. Which is saying something, considering I ate army food for four years. Runny dough, wet and slimy, tasteless and agresively sweetened afterwards. GODs that was awful.

Weather's bitchy - sky's overcast and air is heavy and my type of blood isn't it's best under it. I keep feeling like floating melted wax. Other than that I love it that it's warm and windy.Good indoor weather.
           I had three errands today and asked Piček to join me for at least one, but he of course CBA, so I went to the library myself, indulging in feeling sad and lonely -and there was a guy on a PIANO in the middle of the street, playing some mellow jazz that suited my mood PERFECTLY.
           That was new.

           I can't really be sad the way it's supposed to be done. I'm way to happy for it. Might get angry, tho... But I'm getting us kebabs for afterwards, when the bad moment passes.