Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Somewhere out there, there is a tiny box with my name on it. Literally. In it is magic. Purpose and soul. I am so happy about this, it is difficult to breathe. Already I am begining to see with photographer's eyes all anew: every foggy morning needs to be judged by quality of light and standpoint, every afternoon forest path needs the right amount of glittering day flies, every streets needs people of the balanced fashion to highlight the whole picture-that-could-be... I am wild with imagining photo-shoots, a process not many comprehend: how much work needs to be put into something... if you want. If it's fun. Yes, certainly, it can be just the model, the photie and her dog, but I have pictures in my mind that will require a make-up artist, two reflection/light handlers, perhaps a fan guy.... and another assistant. Why? To play with the dog, of course :p