Saturday, 18 September 2010

Hah. I can't sleep :D Today was the day we were supposed to go get the body for the camera (the lens already arrived! Though the retard courier left it in the hallway, in the rain...) and the rivers are flooding - or they will be very soon. I like floods :) If you are not so misfortunate as to live in an exposed parts of town, they're quite eventful. (Nobody ever dies, of course, they're not at all violent - just very wet.) I'll grab Porky later on and go see what's happening with the junctions (big river's so fat and fast it blocks the small river from joining it and so the small river tries to turn back, respectively..) But I'll swim to the shop if need be. The backpack looks bulletproof, so... hehe. But next time I'm choosing the color...The rusty red is so lovely, but when you're running through a crowd in a war zone, you may now wish to have a bright red bag on your back. Yes, yes, black is the next invisible, but it's still boring. I'm a girl, not a black ops groupie. 
          The General was called into the distribution center, all hands on deck, as they may need to evacuate all the movable units and equipment: their vicinity is a few feet away from the smaller river.. It was a challenge getting to it as well. I think two out of four access points are already out and that's not even considering the landslides. 

Have to get protective gear for some of the parts. I think I'll buy the dog's anti-winter-salt slippers, while I'm at it. And an umbrella for me :)