Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Funny how the General handles things, when (something like) bullied. I mean - he handles them the right way. I wouldn't. Example - the folk who stole my design, publishing my work few weeks back, when not even the draft was paid for yet - he called them today, as agreed, for they failed to even remove the add yell alone pay for it, to warn that the deal was they either understand my position or he presses charges. He did it after we went to the mall (he hates malls, so he was adequately not happy) and when the guy got nasty - angry and snappy - unlike me, General went to calm him down. I would freak out and got all hysterical and pissed off. But no. He simply said there is no need for things to get unprofessional, this isn't anyone's real blame, we are not looking to point any fingers, we are simply expecting - considering my work is my livelihood - a fair exchange.. and that he will drop by come Friday. A curious strategy indeed, stepping a step back and giving the bully more room, because the guy then probably felt foolish and stopped being a dick.
          I wonder if I'll actually see any money from the stolen add. I'll make sure he is prepared for anything: the nice civil settlement or two thugs with knives in the shadows. Better safe than sorry, in this scary world of art.