Friday, 10 September 2010

This past week has been a carousel nightmare :))

I had the pics framed and shipped off. And baggies. So that's that. 

I created another persona, which is to become my photographic alter ego: Eve Of Cleves...

And above all that, I've mail ordered the gear and will try to post the money for it and then we'll see.. And wait :s I've settled for two prime Ls and a couple of extras, though nothing epic. This is to begin with. Indeed. The strange, manic, indecisive ride will soon be over... and then a lifetime of trying to best the ranks of my critics begins.. I suppose Eve of Cleves has to admit her smallness and aim for greatness while exercising some huge scale of patience and humility in the while. In this medium, as opposed to the overrun paper, I should no longer have that many excuses. But I should indeed aim very very high.