Saturday, 25 September 2010

Eve of Cleves' official comming out :))

It was such a lovely shoot :D So addictive. Can barely feel my legs by now, having spent the entire day editing the RAWs.. RAWS are DA LAW, btw. And the whole Photoshop expirience is just--- well, as frustrating as it is rewardings :D Andreja came with three bags full of clothes, make-up, jewelry, her own coffee and water and all the right colors :) Rested, appologetic about the one zit she sported - and the lady has a make-up artistry  training, so all I had to do was point and she followed. It was raining, meaning my the light was shit, but the boys (well, the man and the she-rabid-beagle) were out hunting while I assembled the impro studio. For four hours we danced around, me bumping into my own furniture, she trying not to smile too much and we eventually had 470 photos - and it took three people to select the precious ten percent :D 
                Man, this feels so good. Nothing that feels this good can ever make me rich and famous :