Sunday, 19 September 2010

Ze flooooood...

Amazing, how three rivers came THIS close to overflowing and yet stopped - twice - and the city was spared entirely? Amazing, too, how they always build the most populated areas at the lowest parts of the valley. Praise to those who ordered cemeteries and city landfills to be elevated, at least. I followed the General when he went to check on their depot four times. At some point they got so nervous when they couldn't find him (we were at the movies..), they called MY parents... But the rivers never spilled. At some point four out of five ways out of town were under, though just shortly - the downtown passage was pumped dry and one was just very wet, not really dangerous. Not that it wasn't scary or that anyone around here takes the water lightly. A 21-year old girl tried, missing the road and driving off into the main stream, quite literally, and thus became the only casualty so far.. It was a miracle none of the gawkers fell in. The event of the city of Goga :p
         The photos aren't the most dramatic, but then again you'd have to be there to understand why it's better to be afraid and stay at home..