Thursday, 28 June 2012

One of those cool mornings :) It started with a short bus ride, which I do so rarely it always feels a little funny and quaint - two girls, early morning, sitting on the bus stop :D It's amazing buses still run at all, but I am glad they do. They used to go every few minutes, now it's just on the hour, usually three people on. But anyways.
            Drej was off to have her tattoo redone by a professional, so of course we drove to Žalec where Tomaž Vaš works these past few years. Tomaž is the one I know and rather swear by, as he did all of my own tattoos (minus the wedding ring.) and can heartily recommend him to anyone, no matter how elaborate the picture. I love his shading, he is miles ahead of me (okay, decades), thus I tagged along to blatantly spy on his technique.
             I was hoping he won't remember me, though the moment he saw us coming down the driveway, he is the kind of a guy to greet me instantly and explain his good memory by saying: "You don't forget those kind of tits." His attitude is so charming and fuck-all assholish at the same time (he reminds me of a horny young bull), if I wasnt married and he wasnt married I would probably let him make sure they are as gorgeous as he remembers and then drop him on his tattoo table and rape him. Back in the real world, several minutes of blushing like a pepper, embarrassed to my teeth later, we got to talking tattoos. Obviously he wasn't gonna share his secrets, but I am skilled enough to know now what I've been doing wrong. My pace was wrong, my needle was wrong, my stretching the skin was wrong. And the main thing - I worry too much about how much it hurts people. I actually shake before I have to use the needle on the General. I apologize for having to tap the grease off. When Tomaž cleans the finished work with those rough towels I feel weak in my knees. That mush hurt like a bitch! Thats an opened wound, man! I try not to make this too painful, though of course thats the one thing that shouldn't bother a customer: once you're determined to have one, please don't whine. Whine after moneys changed hands.
       So, my tits so great still that my chubby waist and acidic personality seem insignificant by comparison, I am now 200% better tattooist I was four hours ago. Also, really really into having more tattoos done myself. Snufkin for sure and perhaps the shedding dark feathers later. Some day.  When I am immune to pain. And rich. And immune to pain. And immune to pain. :P