Sunday, 3 June 2012

Sometimes I am incredibly happy my family was never born into power, because we would have been terrible monarchs. Petty, sadistic, temperamental and vain. As normal people, regardless of how vile we can be, we only are such to one another. Most of my fights with the General originate because he doesn't understand why someone would feel so terribly robbed of a happy family - he has never felt this bad or this lonely. And then he wonders why I could pick up my bag and walk away for months at a time and could do that still, anytime. It has nothing to do with him. Him I would take with me. 

But as shitty two days ago was, yesterday was quite the opposite. Ape and I roamed through the historical underbowels of our city, starting with the Celts and then observing the Roman foundation of the Medieval castle and further on through the middle ages to the new age, right back to the sad, beautiful exhibit of Alma Karlin.

After a cranky nap, Ape suggested we play something and thus ensued a long trial by Yahtzee, bested only by a bucket of ice-cream Ape bought for us, after she noticed the alarm lights of the store down the street were still on. Interesting siren call, that :D In the afternoon we had each a ball of rummy goodness from the Cuba cafe - something so sublime of flavour, the General asked how much it costs and after replying 1,10 €, he smiled: Maybe we could scrape together eleven euros and purchase ten of them - eight for me and one for you :D

Dumb, I know, but it was still an unexpectedly enchanting evening.