Monday, 11 June 2012

Nea's magic photoshoot

Nea's the make-up creature that kinda makes me want to live another life as an make-up artist :D

I KNOW I haven't been posting much of anything other than the pickies, but here's what's the skinny in my life at this point:
- I love it, even though I still have a long way to go before I get it right
- I don't want to be too negative all the time - it comes too easy and it changes nothing
- The first literary evening is coming up
- I did my first studio stuff, it went great
- I kinda really don't want Ape to go :'(
- Sweet Jesus how time flies...
- I am, however, unable to write and am waiting to see if the editors will allow me to paint some things that would have otherwise be dull as photos (for example, there is almost no fruit this season and most fruit festivals are really depressing/unphotogenic)

- And I do like the idea of a 'naked face' make-up.... Spending two hours to get someone looking like they're not wearing any make up :D That's so cool. I think if I got the chance, I would make Tom Wlaschiha's face four times and then clean it and do it all over again, just so that I could be touching him (he has one of those faces whose shape I just like above others, even though, or perhaps because his eyes are so uncomfortably far apart and his lips are so unproportionally shaped :D) and then take his photo in total natural light :D It does sound like an excellent profession though - but if I could not be the one to take the photos, I would be anxious, I think. Normally make-up artists make me nervous as they refuse to obey my direction and I feel sad they fail to see how by applying a pound of powder and foundation on someone's face really kills the beauty of their natural skin. But that's just me.