Sunday, 24 June 2012

The first Literary Evening

Photos by Nejc Jezernik on Marki :)
Location: MCC in Celje
Time: Dusk
Day: Midsummer
Occasion: Book launch
Which book? :D :P  ;)

 Drej opened the evening. I can't get enough of how she talks about me :P :))))) I loved her wedding speech and now when she talked about how she noticed me years before we were officially doggy-walking-buddies :D How she noticed my hair or my humongous army backpack or my camera or my dog :D She just makes me sound so friggin' cool 8)))) I love you, crazy ginger sister-in-craft!
 The orchestra started with a perky song, then a very sad song and then a lakukaracha :D Nuts!! :D
 The bookies and card catalogues...
 Audience, trying to figure out if I'm just kidding..
 Me! On a stage!! How did that happen?!

 The majestic dancers...
Shekaya: Maruša Turnšek, Katja Poteko, Katja Peganc, Ana Kovačič, Eva Jeram.
 Dad :D
 More me :) The orchestra here played a sad sad backsound while poor Kuragari in the story kawked it.

 No words. But I was very much in love during these moments ;:)))

 Edi, Grega and Baloo, who, well, slept like a baby thorough the entire event. Born critic!

 Klarek :D    <3

 Aaaa... post festum :) In the and, when all was said and done, the empty chair. Though my head is still buzzing from the thrill :))