Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Yup, I managed to be fifteen minutes late to my interview today. Not because I wasn't there fifteen minutes early, but because I sat at the wrong table and *completely* expected the journalist to look differently - I always thought he was the other man I remembered to work there. Whoops. Not the best introduction, especially after saying I have known him for thirty five years as my parents' colleague. Luckily I always follow my gut feeling and I sent Klara to talk to one of the 30 people sitting there if he's the one. Then things got rolling.
            It got me thinking something about my husband... Something I've known and always liked, I just voiced it well today, I think. I went to buy the full-wheat croissants (General calls them chromosomes:))), something very yummy I like to eat warm for breakfast. I buy them enough for both of us. But although he eats them, because he knows I had to cross the whole town to get to the right bakery and they are not half bad, what really really makes him grin is a massive, warm from the oven, home-made bread of mixed stuff you just happened to have lying around in the pantry at the time. He has his feet so firmly planted on solid ground, his own shadow is the yellow brick road. 

      On a related subject. Bucket list until I think of something better.
      I want to make a really tall, lean, large, thin white porcelain vase using a spinning wheel.
      I want to take a representative portrait of Kim Jong Nam or Jong Un or their sister.
I want to learn how to fly a Cessna against an ocean wind.
And take my husband to a spa where hell be spoiled rotten for a week while I write a book about a supermodel or something. No-brainer paradise :D

Also I kind of really like this :D

 I only don't know who Thomas Paine is. I mean I do now. But he doesn't seem that world-important, just USA important, so that can be forgiven. There's another version of this picture with Gertrude B. Elion instead of the black lady whose name I keep forgetting, though I know who she is. Perhaps because I am more impressed by scientists than politicians. It's a shame, though, that most activists that changed this world are only famous now because good looking people portrayed them in big American movies. I stand shamefully busted on that point. There were things I knew way too little about until I read The Help :(