Sunday, 24 June 2012

The innitiation literary evening - preps

You can't tell from these pickes, because some thing happen too quickly even for a photographer, but at this stage the rum balls are still in existence (eighty rumbles gone in a WhaaM!)
         But you probably know how this goes. The day starts easy breezy, doggy walk, hair still in braids, chillaxing, answering some RPSVs, counting rum ball wrappers in the trash at home (the cat did it!), fixing some last minute reading techniques... There was a photo shoot commission for the nex day that I got paid for in advance and being me, instead of covering my insurance, I went straight and spent it all on an anniversary counter-gift for my husband who just... Well... the thing is, he has this memory of a *look* I gave him, on our second date, when he drove me home, but would not kiss me and I was kind of really wanting him to kiss me... Cue a very awkward and stuck moment when I kind of very obviously posed to be unexpectedly, daringly kissed by my suitor and all he did was really enjoy the moment... bastard. Anyhoo, that is his favourite of my looks. So yesterday, when I got him the gift and I was reeeaalllyy nervous, because we agreed not to be wasting any more money for sentimental reasons, nor was i sure if he'd like it, when he opened the box and his face got real funny. His eyes got very small and dark and his mouth got so... I don't think I've ever seen him so very beautiful (with his clothes on). Or in love. That kind of shit really kind of just balances out all the crap this world delivers on bad days. 

Okay. >>FF>> to the second best thing of that day. 
      Towards the finish-line of course things started getting fussy and I always love the rush of preparations. There comes a point where everything goes from well planed to hopeless to post-worst and although not the case here, still my favourite time of the whole shindig. Our set was truly sublime - the massive tree with a cute installation around it, the stage was moved to the centre for us and after the duet turned into a dozen-instruments orchestra, we just swept the rest of the yard and the dancers claimed that.. The sound technician was good, the light was good, the weather was good... Klara, the organiser was great, Tamara was super, Drej did my make-up and I let down my hair, which kind of made me look my best ( a small thrill when people asked if my hair is really that long or is it an extension - because people never really get to see my with my hair down), although my wardrobe was still that of a photographer-lunatic-in-a-hurry.. but with my best T-shirt :P Nejc, who later took over the camera also helped loads. Ensue loads of gratitude. It kinds underlines the joy if the pressure of getting everything done gets dispersed.. 

And that was that for my favourite part of all events: the preparations ;) 

 Klara and Nejc setting up the tables (well, before and after this shot ;P)
 .... which people later on began to fill...
 The dancers checking out their impro stage...
  The orchestra and my orange empty chair waiting for me.
 Group high five from the dancers, ready to rumble...
 ... Drej arrives, always a very good thing.
 ... Nervous almost as much as me about the speech :D
 Klarek, petrified about how things will go (not, really. But this is how *I* felt :P)
 The magical Dorimu trio and Drej checking out my old bookies, Marcel and Dad in the back.
Tamara reminding me I should hydrate before I start spitting cotton.

... Follows - the main event.