Tuesday, 5 February 2013

TV updates and uh, is it spring yet? Oh, and Tom Hiddleston in Africa

Ah, new shows, new shows. I thought I was totally over-fed with medical drama, but I kinda liked Monday Mornings. Not the close-ups, slow-motion soooooooo overly dramatic shots, but I think it was shot with a Mark II. That tickles me immensely, in all the right places. The good thing is also, not everyone looks like a supermodel, although I've always liked Jamie Bamber. There's a no-nonsense Korean surgeon guy, always a turn on. A Pakistani lady with a nose really hard not to focus on. There are actors in fact, odd to picture in scrubs, like Rhames, hello? David E. Kelly is good at making the characters instantly familiar, which is okay. What I loved best, though, was the pilot's 311 sessions. First you have a bad doctor on the pedestal and you can't but think 'thank god everyone else is better'. But at the end, you have the best doctor on the pedestal, for the exact same reason. Very uncomfortable situation and very emotional, but it does not change the fact he was arrogant and he fucked up. Path to a child's graveyard is paved with good intentions.

The Following and The Carrie Diaries is something I watch in tandem. One is bad and very gory and the other is not so bad and very girly. Both help my lunch go down faster.

The second season of Smash starts today. Hmmm... I don't really want to watch it, but of course I will :D

Not gonna watch the Americans, though. Nothing about it appeals to me. Certainly not the premise. I hope to Kebab that Homeland doesn't do to SPY shows what House did for medical shows. Suddenly you had fifteen new, barely watchable top-surgeons/underwear models humping shows per DAY.

PS Was gonna post this awhile ago, but I forgot. oh, Tom, Tom, my beautiful Tom. How I liked you. If you wanted to have sex with me, I would seriously ask my husband for a one-night-in-a-decade of open marriage for you. Nothing much about you I didn't like, although your tweets are fucking boring. But UNICEF in Mauritania? Seriously? That just blew those 98/100 <3 points out into single digit realm. There is NOTHING, nothing worse as a turn-off than petty PR humanitarian uptakes, usually reserved for losing politicians and ageing soap-opera starlets. 

These people have no clue what the fuck white folk with cameras wants with them .. again. Is there money in it or what? They even found folk with teeth.
Fucking  l a m e.